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Lamassu Virtual Device

Virtual Device

It is recommended to follow this directory layout when deploying different Lamassu tools:

     ├── lamassu-compose
     ├── lamassu-virtual-device
     └── lamassu-virtual-dms
Make sure to define the following variable with the absolute path

  1. Clone the repository and get into the directory:

    git clone
    cd lamassu-virtual-device

  2. Basic Virtual Device configuration:

    2.1 Specify the directory where enrolled device certificates (and keys) are stored:

    2.2 Specify the URL pointing to the EST server:
    2.3 Specify the public certificate used by the EST server:
    export VDEV_EST_SERVER_CERT=$LAMASSU_COMPOSE_DIR/tls-certificates/downstream/tls.crt

  3. Optional - Configure the device to connect to AWS IoT core: 3.1 Define the AWS IoT core endpoint to be used. Replace the xxxxxx with the appropriated value as well as the AWS Region to be used:

  4. Run the Virtual Device: